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Featured Picture of Archie vs Predator 2. A shirtless Predator in Jeans and with a Gun poses with an arm around Betty, a blonde in a pink tank top. Leaning on his other shoulder is Veronia, a brunette in a White ringer tee in other diamonds surrounding them are a blood-spattered car

Archie vs. Predator II Goes for the Jugular—and the Funny Bone

The last time we checked out life in post-apocalyptic Riverdale, Betty, Veronica, and a sympathetic-to-humans Predator disguised as Archie were trying to survive off scraps. Fearing for their lives and forever prevented from leaving the city’s limits, a bit of devil magic-related universe-hopping finally broke Betty, Veronica and not-Archie free – and landed them in…

Cover of Archie vs Predator 2: Revenge Comes to Riverdale #1 Rick Burchett with Rosario Tito Peṅa, Derek Charm, Francesco Francavilla, Robert Hack with Kelly Fitzpatrick, Dan Parent, Billy Tucci with Wes Hartman (Covers); Alex di Campi (Story); Kelly Fitzpatrick (Coloring); Robert Hack (Line Art); Jack Morelli (Line Art) C Archie Comics/Dark Horse Comics July 24th, 2019

Death Stalks In Archie vs Predator II #1

Archie vs Predator II #1: Revenge Comes to Riverdale Rick Burchett (covers), Alex di Campi (story), Derek Charm (covers), Kelly Fitzpatrick (covers/coloring), Francesco Francavilla (covers), Robert Hack (covers/line art), Wes Hartman (covers), Jack Morelli (line art), Dan Parent (covers), Rosario Tito Peṅa (covers), Billy Tucci (covers) Archie Comics/Dark Horse Comics July 24th, 2019 Archie Comics…

Preview Image for Betty and Veronica Friends Forever

Everything Old School Is New Again In Betty and Veronica: Friends Forever

Betty and Veronica: Friends Forever  Bill Golliher (Story); Rich Koslowski (Inks); Jack Morelli (Letters); Dan Parent (Pencils & Covers); Glenn Whitmore (Colors) Archie Comics June 12th, 2019 Betty and Veronica: Friends Forever contains a wide variety of stories featuring Riverdale’s other dynamic duo. Covering the Betty and Veronica At the Movies, Betty and Veronica: Travel…