• Vampironica #1 Has Teeth

    Vampironica #1 Has Teeth0

    Vampironica #1 Greg Smallwood and Meg Smallwood (writers), Greg Smallwood (artist), Jack Morelli (letterer) Archie Comics March 7, 2018 Come closer, and I’ll tell you something—don’t worry, I won’t bite. The truth is, I’ve always been #TeamVeronica. That’s not to disparage her best friend, perennial girl next door Betty, but Veronica—rich, spoiled, cheerleader from hell

  • Betty and Veronica Kick Ass and Look Good Doing It in Vixens #1

    Betty and Veronica Kick Ass and Look Good Doing It in Vixens #11

    Betty & Veronica: Vixens  #1 Jamie L. Rotante (script), Eva Cabrera (art), Matt Herms (colours), Rachel Deering (letters) Archie Comics Publications Released November 22, 2017 The premise for the new Betty & Veronica: Vixens book might feel familiar, especially if, like me, you’re a fan of DC Bombshells; it’s an alternate-universe reimagining of classic characters that

  • Riverdale Fashion Report: Power-à-Porter

    Riverdale Fashion Report: Power-à-Porter0

    Fashion has a significant history in the Archie-verse. Straddling the line between slice of life and romance comics, Archie Comics have frequently featured the fashion spreads or pin-up pages of romance comics. Even as romance comics faded in popularity, Archie Comics long carried on the tradition. My very own ’90s Archie Comics, particularly the Betty