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Vampironica #1 cover Greg Smallwood and Meg Smallwood (writers), Greg Smallwood (artist), Jack Morelli (letterer) Archie Comics March 7, 2017

Vampironica #1 Has Teeth

Vampironica #1 Greg Smallwood and Meg Smallwood (writers), Greg Smallwood (artist), Jack Morelli (letterer) Archie Comics March 7, 2018 Come closer, and I’ll tell you something—don’t worry, I won’t bite. The truth is, I’ve always been #TeamVeronica. That’s not to disparage her best friend, perennial girl next door Betty, but Veronica—rich, spoiled, cheerleader from hell…

Eva Cabrera's beautiful artwork and impeccable style makes the characters and world of Vixens rich and layered. Betty & Veronica: Vixens issue 1, cover (cropped), by Jamie L. Rotante (script), Eva Cabrera (art), Matt Herms (colours), and Rachel Deering (letters). Archie Comics Publications. November 15, 2017.

Betty and Veronica Kick Ass and Look Good Doing It in Vixens #1

Betty & Veronica: Vixens  #1 Jamie L. Rotante (script), Eva Cabrera (art), Matt Herms (colours), Rachel Deering (letters) Archie Comics Publications Released November 22, 2017 The premise for the new Betty & Veronica: Vixens book might feel familiar, especially if, like me, you’re a fan of DC Bombshells; it’s an alternate-universe reimagining of classic characters that…

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Riverdale Fashion Report: Power-à-Porter

Fashion has a significant history in the Archie-verse. Straddling the line between slice of life and romance comics, Archie Comics have frequently featured the fashion spreads or pin-up pages of romance comics. Even as romance comics faded in popularity, Archie Comics long carried on the tradition. My very own ’90s Archie Comics, particularly the Betty…

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Pop’s Diner: 6 Snack Pairings for the Riverdale Premiere

Riverdale, the strange new Archie-comics-meets-Twin-Peaks show debuts tonight on The CW at 9 PM. And lifetime Archie-fan Laura Harcourt, will be live tweeting it for us at @womenonocomics! While Archie has been busily rebooting their classic comics for a YA, romance-loving readership, they’ve also been working with the CW to develop this live action drama, which bears little…