• On Being In a Bad Relationship with The Walking Dead

    On Being In a Bad Relationship with The Walking Dead0

    The Walking Dead has gone from being the show I could wax poetic about for days to being the equivalent of that feeling you get when an estranged ex shows up unannounced and drunk to a holiday party and all you can think is, “Oh, it’s you.”

  • Get Your Game On: If I Could Step Into Westworld…

    Get Your Game On: If I Could Step Into Westworld…0

    • October 26, 2016

    Ever wondered what it would be like to step into your favourite game? Numerous stories have explored this concept. The latest addition to this list and to the list of my obsessions is HBO’s Westworld. If you’ve got a few thousand dollars to spare, you can step into the wild west world created by Delos

  • Telling the Perfect Interactive Story

    Telling the Perfect Interactive Story0

    Telltale Games does exactly what their name implies: they tell stories in the form of video games. But not just any stories. The company produces games that feature masterful storytelling and incredible characters, building on richly established worlds that gamers and non-gamers alike will recognize. From Jurassic Park, Law & Order, and Back to the

  • The Walking Dead: You get to come back

    The Walking Dead: You get to come back3

    Somewhere in the first half season two of The Walking Dead, I tapped out. This was a zombie show that had a severe lack of zombies popping out to actually kill people. Instead, there were a lot of people whining and bitching at each other, while accomplishing a whole lot of nothing. I returned for

  • Cosplaying While Black: The Expense of Representing

    Cosplaying While Black: The Expense of Representing2

    I have been a comic geek since I was thirteen. I have been a brown-skinned girl all my life. Costuming started as fun for me, but has become equal parts mission and frustration. I started cosplaying when I didn’t even know the word “cosplay”. And forget the resources available to cosplayers these days. Back then?

  • News & Things: Wet Hot Ant-Man Summer0

    • December 19, 2013

    News Paul Rudd in Talks for Ant-Man We may have our Hank Pym! Paul Rudd is in early negotiations for Edgar Wright’s long-gestating Ant-Man film. Lauren Faust on Super Best Friends Forever DC Collectibles talks to Faust about her SBFF (“SssBOOFs!”) character designs. 27 Pieces of Denys Cowan Art Missing Original concept art and comic