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Welcome to News & Things! Hope you’re having a lucky Friday the 13th. Today we have J.K. Rowling, The Walking Dead, the return of Korra, and more!

Read of the Week

Stop It, Show! examines the gender disparity in British and American television writing staffs.


J.K. Rowling & Warner Bros. Plan New Harry Potter-Inspired Films

The new film franchise will be based on Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and moves the magical setting to 1920s America.

Former HBO Go Exec DiBartolomeo joins Comixology as CTO

Jeff DiBartolomeo plans to “scale up the platform domestically and internationally.”

Toei to Launch Tokusatsu Streaming Service

Toei Japan is launching a 24-hour internet channel featuring their library of tokusatsu shows as part of their “Cool Japan” initiative.

Erotica Anthology ‘Smut Peddler’ Returns, Is Now Accepting Submissions

The successful anthology of sex-positive, woman-created comic erotica, is accepting submissions until Oct. 15.


Tumblr Covers Comic Book Marriages

As a protest against DC’s decision not to include Batwoman’s wedding, Comic Book Covers is only posting past DC weddings. This is partially to contradict DC’s claim that a hero’s wedding would make the hero too happy.

Penny Arcade Controversy Continues

Controversy over Penny Arcade’s Dickwolves comic reemerged at this year’s PAX when Gabriel commented that he regretted removing the Dickwolves merchandise.

Danai Gurira on Her Walking Dead Character

The Vulture talks to actress Danai Gurira about The Walking Dead’s Michonne, playwriting, and her upcoming film Mother of George.


And finally…

The wait for The Legend of Korra: Book Two is almost over, and Nickelodeon has posted the final trailer before tonight’s hour-long premiere!


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