• Triangulating Looks: Introducing Fashion

    Triangulating Looks: Introducing Fashion0

    Because we live life on hard mode, we naturally decided to use column #2 to dig into the most difficult to define point on our triangle: fashion. In simplest terms, we’re defining fashion as building designs from the ground up rather than duplicating or reworking real world outfits. That doesn’t mean runway versus rack, though!

  • Triangulating Looks: Fashion, Beauty, & Style in Comics

    Triangulating Looks: Fashion, Beauty, & Style in Comics0

    Editor’s note: Sequential Sartorial was a column about the use of personal style to express character and context in comic book narratives. It was one I felt strongly about, but wasn’t one I managed to keep up. It was too easy to go negative, and too time-intensive to find really great examples of really communicative comic

  • WWAC’s Favorite Big Press Comics of 2016

    WWAC’s Favorite Big Press Comics of 20162

    Southern Cross Becky Cloonan (Writer and Cover Artist), Andy Belanger and Lee Loughridge (Artists) Image Comics Southern Cross looked like something I would not like. For all of my love of things beginning with Star (Wars, Trek, etc.), I’m actually pretty afraid of space. And space stories where scary stuff happens? Certainly too frightening. Wrong! This is