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Misty Knight, Storm, Monica Rambeau, and Jen Walters all stand in front of a brightly colored background with text that reads Living Heroes The Kickstarter

Living Heroes: Stephanie Williams on Her Fan Comic, Getting Funded, and Being the Meme Queen

When Stephanie Williams decided to run a Kickstarter for her new fan comic project, Living Heroes with artist O’Neill Jones, she could never have imagined it’d be fully funded in just 24 hours. As a huge fan of Steph’s webcomics, comics criticism, and general online presence, I quizzed her about her newest project, her journey…

She-Hulk: The Hero We Need in 2019

With the Women’s Marches, the #MeToo movement, and the important conversations we’ve been seeing recently about sexual assault and consent.Women have certainly made their voices heard. And in the current political climate, not only is anger—and even rage—from women understandable, it can serve as a catalyst for real change when funneled into productive action.

Short & Sweet

Uncanny X-Men #18 Bendis, Lozano, Rudy Marvel Comics What. Was. This? Aside from the cover, which messes with the suspension of disbelief (how in the hell do you get close enough to Cyclops, wonky powers or not, to hold a gun to his head?), this issue is a dramatic shift straight into huh? from the…

News & Things: Banned Romance

Welcome back to News & Things! Today we’re Hulking out with Firefly, Adventure Time, free Halloween comics, and more! Read of the Week There’s No Excuse For Misogyny In Space Helen O’Hara looks at the treatment of Katee Sackhoff’s character in the new film, Riddick: “This film, more than either previous Riddick effort, feels like…