• Marvel Comics Pubwatch: November

    Marvel Comics Pubwatch: November0

    Welcome to the November Marvel Pubwatch, and my first review piece for WWAC! Real excited to get down to business with some news and reviews.

  • Runaways #18: While Our Hearts Were Young

    Runaways #18: While Our Hearts Were Young0

    Runaways #18 Kris Anka (artist), VC’s Joe Caramagna (letter), Rainbow Rowell (writer), Matthew Wilson (colorist) Marvel Comics February 13, 2019 At some point in their lives, all kids are afraid of becoming their parents. For the Runaways, that threat is bigger than wearing polyester pants or DVRing every episode of NCIS. Their parents were the

  • Sequential Sartorial: Kris Anka’s Top 10 Runaways #Lewks

    Sequential Sartorial: Kris Anka’s Top 10 Runaways #Lewks0

    It is with a heavy heart that I acknowledge that Kris Anka’s final issue as the regular artist of Marvel’s Runaways is February’s #18. The latest incarnation of the beloved team book, written by Rainbow Rowell, has featured career-best artwork from Anka; he’s given the characters new life with vibrant, fashion-forward designs that are as

  • A Very Runaways Christmas

    A Very Runaways Christmas0

    Runaways #16 Kris Anka (Artist), Joe Caramagna (Letterer), Rainbow Rowell (Writer), Matthew Wilson (Color Artist) Marvel Comics December, 2018 This review contains spoilers for Runaways #16.

  • News & Things: Banned Romance0

    • September 26, 2013

    Welcome back to News & Things! Today we’re Hulking out with Firefly, Adventure Time, free Halloween comics, and more! Read of the Week There’s No Excuse For Misogyny In Space Helen O’Hara looks at the treatment of Katee Sackhoff’s character in the new film, Riddick: “This film, more than either previous Riddick effort, feels like

  • Marvel Roundtable–part two0

    Mary Jane, Miles, and the diversity dance in comics. Megan Purdy In part one of WWAC’s Marvel Roundtable, I talked to Skalja of @#$% Yeah, Spider-Wife!, Corrina Lawson of Geek Mom, RonchRonchRonch, and webcomic creator Indigo, about romance, mental health, and motherhood. In part two, we talk about Superior Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, and more generally,