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A man wields ten rings on his fingers that are glowing and shooting energy

Mark Waid Crafted the Fake Siancong War to Keep Marvel Characters Young… and It’s Even Worse Than it Sounds

Marvel Comics has had a rough couple of years when it comes to making decisions that aren’t morally repugnant. The latest in their new attempts to become Comicsgate’s favorite publisher is if looked at generously, incredibly lazy editorializing in an attempt to tie up the loose ends that come with being a publisher who has…

AOC & the Freshman Force

You’ll Want In On This House Party: AOC and the Freshman Force: New Party, Who Dis?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force: New Party, Who Dis R. Sikoryak, Nick Accardi, Travis Hymel, Micah Myers; Sherard Jackson; Marguerite Dabaie; Kit Caoagas, K. Lynn Smith; Josh Blaylock; Peter Rostovsky; Dean Haspiel, Christa Cassano; Pat Shand, Larry Watts, Jim Campbell; Sam Wells, Liz McArthur; Hoyt Silva; Jill Thompson; Jeffrey Burandt, Sean Von Gorman, Paul…

Cover for Incognegro: Renaissance #1 by Mat Johnson and Warren Pleece. Dark Horse Comics. July 4, 2018

Incognegro Renaissance #5: Measured Ending to a Strong Series

Incognegro: Renaissance #5 Mat Johnson (Writer), Warren Pleece (Artist), Clem Robins (Letters) Dark Horse Comics Inc. 4 July, 2018 Published on the 10th anniversary of Mat Johnson and Warren Pleece’s award-winning Incognegro, the new limited 5-issue series, Incognegro: Renaissance, has come to its conclusion. Set in the 1920s, Renaissance acts as a prequel detailing protagonist Zane…