• PEOW is Publishing Wildly Creative Comics for Everyone

    PEOW is Publishing Wildly Creative Comics for Everyone0

    When I look for new comics or zines in a shop, at a festival, or online, I tend to browse wildly and pick up anything that catches my eye. We are blessed to live in a comics era filled with small presses and distros that are putting a variety of wild, creative work out into

  • Ripples: A Detective’s Diary [Review]

    Ripples: A Detective’s Diary [Review]0

    Ripples Wai Wai Pang (Writer and Artist) PEOW Studio April 4, 2017 Disclaimer: This review is based on a review copy provided by the publisher. Strange things happen in small towns. Ripples, the graphic novel debut of Wai Wai Pang, begins with the disappearance of a 13-year-old boy named Luke Phelps from his quiet community.

  • Top Indies, Small Press, and Webcomics of 2016

    Top Indies, Small Press, and Webcomics of 20160

    I asked our small press comics fans to tell me not what the best comics of 2016 were, but which ones were their favourites. Here’s what they said: Mattress Stiff With Blood Tom McHenry Self-published There’s something that’s incredibly natural about the cartooning Tom McHenry does in this work—everything flows so seamlessly from one topic to

  • PEOW! Studio’s Bio-Whale Flies High

    PEOW! Studio’s Bio-Whale Flies High0

    Bio-Whale Ville Kallio PEOW! Studio August 2015 Disclaimer: Bio-Whale was reviewed using a digital review copy provided by PEOW! Studio. The first thing Bio-Whale hits you with is color. Vibrant pinks and blues are splashed over the pages, a spectrum of carnival cotton candy. It’s the sort of book that seems like it would feel

  • 2015 Ignatz Award Nominees

    2015 Ignatz Award Nominees0

    If the Eisner Awards are akin to the Academy Awards of the comics world, then the Ignatz Awards, presented at the annual Small Press Expo, is akin to the Sundance Film Festival. You’ll see some of the same professionals you see in mainstream comics (and many you haven’t…yet), but these projects are different. They’re innovative. Personal.