• Cosplaying While Black: The Expense of Representing

    Cosplaying While Black: The Expense of Representing2

    I have been a comic geek since I was thirteen. I have been a brown-skinned girl all my life. Costuming started as fun for me, but has become equal parts mission and frustration. I started cosplaying when I didn’t even know the word “cosplay”. And forget the resources available to cosplayers these days. Back then?

  • Roundtable: Race and Gender in Comics0

    The race and gender roundtable is here! Mixing it up were our resident writer Mai Pucik; Arturo Garcia, a writer for Racialicious; writer and comics publisher/editor Talisha Harrison; blogger and webcomic creator Jamie Kingston; and moderator Kelly Kanayama. In part one (of two), we talked about “diversity” characters in comics, the gendering of race, and

  • What’s In A Codename2

    • October 14, 2013

    Marvel Comics has long been my oldest and preferred superhero reading material, but over the years it’s developed some patterns I can’t help but notice and wince at just a little. Codenames. I’m not griping that they exist; in the universe the characters run in, having a costumed identity separate from the regular “day to