• Reel Geek Girl On Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Reel Geek Girl On Spider-Man: Homecoming1

    Spider-Man: Homecoming Jon Watts (dir), Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Zendaya, and Jon Favreau, with Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. July 2017 PG-13 Spider-Man: Homecoming marks the first film co-created by Sony and Marvel together to bring the character (who has thus far appeared in his own unconnected separate universe in five other films) to

  • Mutant X vs. The People

    Mutant X vs. The People0

    • June 18, 2017

    As you may know, as every discussion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe acknowledges, 20th Century Fox owns the filmic licensing rights to Marvel’s X-Men. These rights extend somewhat murkily.

  • “Dark Phoenix” Movie: A Case of Nepotism Over Character

    “Dark Phoenix” Movie: A Case of Nepotism Over Character0

    There have been a lot of rumours that the sequel to X-Men: Apocalypse might be a Dark Phoenix story, and in late April, Entertainment Weekly confirmed on everyone’s speculations. X-Men: Dark Phoenix will release worldwide on November 2, 2018, after New Mutants (April 13) and Deadpool 2 (June 1). 2018 will truly be the year of the mutants. As even a

  • Top 5 X-Men Villains the Movies Should Utilize

    Top 5 X-Men Villains the Movies Should Utilize0

    Even though the X-Men film franchise is not as strong as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it still has a lot kick left to keep going. 2016’s Deadpool reinvigorated fans, and the latest release, Logan, did not disappoint by any standards. The two movies have deservedly earned a lot of praise, leading many people to say they’ve

  • New Mutants Movie: Illusions of Diversity

    New Mutants Movie: Illusions of Diversity5

    • March 12, 2017

    Over half a year ago I talked about how the upcoming New Mutants movie–which was still in the early stages of development–did not choose to include the character Xi’an Coy Manh/Karma in the team lineup. Karma was a founding member of the New Mutants team, but throughout her publication history, she has been sidelined by writers who

  • Movies That Moved Me In 2016

    Movies That Moved Me In 20161

    I’m not particularly interested in Best Of lists. After the third list it gets stale and instead of discussing art that moved us, the discourse instead seems to focus on who wrote the best list, what rank the obviously good things appeared in. So this year I asked our writers to tell me about the