• Review: Magical Princess Sky

    Review: Magical Princess Sky0

    Magical Princess Sky Allie Malott Self-published 2018 When you have a genre like magical girls that’s gone on long enough to be slammed full of tropes, you can approach making a new work in a number of ways. You can play it straight without any innovation and become cliche. You can poke fun at it

  • Short & Sweet: TCAF 2016 Edition

    Short & Sweet: TCAF 2016 Edition0

    Angel and I had a blast at this year’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF); a free festival for the public where they can check out cool indie comics, creators and panels. I wrote about my experience of the festival which you can read here. We grabbed a ton of comics but couldn’t review our entire haul due to

  • Carve Your Name in the Rockface: Arielle Soutar’s Art of Lettering

    Carve Your Name in the Rockface: Arielle Soutar’s Art of Lettering0

    When I spoke to Zach Clemente about his Mountain cycle comics, he had plenty to say about his steady collaborator, Arielle Soutar. Clemente and Soutar have collaborated with a different cartoonist on each book, but she has provided the typography and logo work for all ClementeWorks scripts. And they’ve known each other since school! I wanted to