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Magical Beatdown Jenn Woodall Silver Sprocket

A Little Magical Girl Ultra Violence: A Review of Magical Beatdown Vol. 1 & 2

Magical Beatdown Volume 1 & 2 Jenn Woodall (Art & Words) Silver Sprocket With a longsword, a baseball bat studded in nails, and her trustworthy bloodthirsty motorbike, Jenn Woodall’s eye-patched magical vigilante combats harassment from scumbags with style all while paying homage to classic magical girl manga with her zines published by Silver Sprocket, Magical Beatdown…

Cutie Honey

Sex, Cyborgs, and ’70s Style in Cutie Honey: The Classic Collection

Cutie Honey: The Classic Collection Go Nagai (writer/artist), Zak Davisson (translator), Bambi Eloriaga-Amago and Roland Amago (lettering/retouch) Seven Seas Entertainment August 28, 2018 Cutie Honey: The Classic Collection is a chunky hardcover that reprints Go Nagai’s influential 1970s manga series in its entirety. Cutie Honey was one of the taproots of the magical girl genre,…

TCAF 2016 Poster by Kate Beaton. Comics.

Short & Sweet: TCAF 2016 Edition

Angel and I had a blast at this year’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF); a free festival for the public where they can check out cool indie comics, creators and panels. I wrote about my experience of the festival which you can read here. We grabbed a ton of comics but couldn’t review our entire haul due to…

IMMOLATION, Zachary Clemente, Arielle Soutar & Ricardo Lopez Ortiz

Carve Your Name in the Rockface: Arielle Soutar’s Art of Lettering

When I spoke to Zach Clemente about his Mountain cycle comics, he had plenty to say about his steady collaborator, Arielle Soutar. Clemente and Soutar have collaborated with a different cartoonist on each book, but she has provided the typography and logo work for all ClementeWorks scripts. And they’ve known each other since school! I wanted to…