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R/W: “That Certain Female”

Word Nerdery The English word female, derived from the Old French femelle, derived from the Medieval Latin femella, which is itself a diminutive of femina. Whew! Where femina meant woman, femella meant young girl. Now let’s talk about male. It’s likewise derived from Old French, masle was the adjectival form and mâle the noun form….

741.5: Your Right To Deadpool

I could be standing behind the glass-front counter at my retail comic shop job, or behind the formica circulation desk the library where I serve as assistant manager, young adult services coordinator, and overseer of graphic novel collection development, but the parent will always be the same: looking at their phone, occasionally glancing over the…

Alarming Tales! courtesy of the digital comics museum Harvey Comics Alarming Tales #1 Joe Simon and Jack Kirby 1957

Libraries v. Parents

Last week a library in Hertfordshire, England, put new restrictions on who could check out certain materials. Children under 16 can no longer check out graphic novels shelved in the adult section. A parent complained after she was able to check out graphic novels such as Fatale with her ten year old’s library card. She…