Day: March 17, 2014

What’s Hot? March 2014

We talk about comics–seriously, a lot–but sometimes we like to branch out and act keen about all SORTS of diverse pastimes. What are we up to? Catie Illustration by Eric Nyquist I just finished reading Jeff VanderMeer’s new book Annihilation. It’s an awesomely eerie book about a group of scientists being sent to a mysterious…

Review–Superman: Lois Lane One Shot

Superman: Lois Lane Marguerite Bennet Emanuela Lupachina, Megan Ketrick, Ig Guara, Diogenes Neves The first thing I noticed about this one shot was the majority female storytelling team. The second thing I noticed was the shining filament of connectivity with previous versions of Lois Lane. Even though this is The New 52! (complete with exclamation…