• Marvel Comics Pubwatch: November

    Marvel Comics Pubwatch: November0

    Welcome to the November Marvel Pubwatch, and my first review piece for WWAC! Real excited to get down to business with some news and reviews.

  • Marauders #1: They Call Her Kate—Captain Kate

    Marauders #1: They Call Her Kate—Captain Kate0

    Marauders #1 Frederico Blee (colorist), Russel Dauterman (cover artist), Gerry Duggan (writer), Matteo Lolli (artist), Tom Muller (design), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer) Marvel Comics October 23, 2019 It’s been a long time since the X-Men have made me laugh. Like, genuinely laughed out loud. That is not at all what I was expecting from an

  • Everybody in Comics Knew Girls Loved ElfQuest

    Everybody in Comics Knew Girls Loved ElfQuest0

    Wendy Pini and her husband and collaborator Richard Pini are on a world tour: “Forty Years of Pointed Ears.” This journey, which most recently stopped in at SDCC, celebrates the four publication decades of ElfQuest that culminated in February’s final chapter. ElfQuest is one of the most seminal American comics, spanning the last 22 years