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Three Thieves Series, Scott Chantler, Kids Can Press, 2013

Kids Can Press Comes to Comixology

Kids Can Press, is the largest Canadian-owned children’s book publisher, with over 700 books in print. They’re the people who brought us Scaredy Squirrel, Franklin the Turtle and other international favourites. In 40 years they’ve published a wide range of picture books, non fiction and fiction for young readers, including a number of graphic novels….

Manic DC Dream Girl: The DC Super Hero Girls Site Has Launched, and We Have Questions

Many fans and geek blogs have already discussed DC’s latest vocal commitment to diversity. When they first announced DC Super Hero Girls, there were problems with how they phrased their press release. That’s a pattern, it seems: “Here’s diversity! Now watch us continue to disenfranchise minority characters!” That’s how it feels when DC speaks these days….

Barbie super hero comic maker http://www.barbie.com/en-us/game/comic-maker

Sunday Art Gala: WWAC Barbie Princess Power!

In Princess Power, Barbie’s latest animated movie, she plays Princess Kara who is kissed by a magical bug and gains all kinds of super powers and becomes SUPER SPARKLE! Being Barbie, she uses her powers for all kinds of good, from rescuing stranded sailors, to stopping time, to fixing bad hair cuts. Barbie invites young girls to join…