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Before there was Kamala Khan there was Scout Montana: Sophie Campbell & Spike Trotman on the Shadoweyes Kickstarter

Back in 2010, Sophie Campbell published Shadoweyes, a riveting dystopian science fiction superhero comic about a young woman of color, Scout, who is unexpectedly imbued with superpowers and sets to making the city she lives in a better place for her community. With stunning, gritty art and queer and social justice themes, Shadoweyes rocked the…

Kickstarter of the Week: Couri Vine

Couri Vine is a new kid’s comic Kickstarter from all-woman team of Leah Lovise and Vanessa Shealy, with colouring by Indigo Rael, and it’s pretty darn cute. The comic takes place on the Moon, where the people of Earth fled in 2330 after destroying the atmosphere of their home world. Couri is an eleven-year-old girl with…

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Crowd Funder of the Week: Nerd Out App

Looking to meet new people to share your nerdy interests? Missing out on nerd-related events in your area because you learned of them too late? Michelle “Elle” Jensen has a proposed solution for your problems with Nerd Out! Nerd Out is an app that compiles nerd-related events around your local area so that you no…