• Con Diaries: Small Press Expo 2018

    Con Diaries: Small Press Expo 20180

    As corny as it sounds, SPX feels more like a community than a convention. Held on September 15 to 16 in Bethesda, Maryland, Small Press Expo is, as the name implies, dedicated to independent and self-published comic books and zines. SPX feels like a unique con experience as soon as you enter the exhibit hall,

  • Previously in Comics: Convention Interventions

    Previously in Comics: Convention Interventions0

    • News
    • September 24, 2018

    The casual observer could be forgiven for mistaking comics fans for car accident victims given the whiplash generated by this week’s comics news. One moment up with the announcement of this year’s Ignatz winners, the next down with the unexpected postponement of another con. All in all, this week has been a frenetic one.

  • 2017 Ignatz Awards Celebrate Diversity and Community

    2017 Ignatz Awards Celebrate Diversity and Community0

    This year’s Ignatz Awards felt more charged than recent years, and the current political climate felt immediate and present even in the ballroom of the Bethesda Marriott where the ceremony is traditionally held. This wider perspective led to an evening of intensely personal speeches about the power of community, comics, and becoming an active participant

  • Surreal Classrooms: The Academic Hour

    Surreal Classrooms: The Academic Hour0

    The Academic Hour Keren Katz Secret Acres The Academic Hour, according to the book jacket, is a series of vignettes about the romance between Pothel, an architecture professor now banned from teaching architecture, and his student Liana. I am not convinced of this. The first hint that this comic is not actually a romance appears

  • Previously On Comics: Whedon, Boy Bye

    Previously On Comics: Whedon, Boy Bye3

    In with a bang: Joss Whedon, whose widely read Astonishing X-Men run featured the small, supernaturally lethal Kitty Pryde inexplicably reuniting with the giant, super-strong ex who broke her heart twice–first by infidelity and then by entitled violence against her new lover–turns out to be a gaslighting cheater who engaged in inappropriate relationships with “needy”

  • Radishes is a Tasty Bite of Friendship and Fantasy [Review]

    Radishes is a Tasty Bite of Friendship and Fantasy [Review]0

    Radishes Carolyn Nowak 2015 Radishes takes place in a world I’ve never been to, and yet, I feel right at home in it. The 2016 Ignatz Award winner for Outstanding Minicomic, Radishes is about two teenage girls, Kelly and Beth, who skip school to visit a mysterious seaside market full of shops and wonders. The