• WWAC’s Free Comic Book Day Favorites!

    WWAC’s Free Comic Book Day Favorites!0

    Free Comic Book Day! One of the best days of the year for comic book fans, FCBD is perfect for discovering new books, hooking little or novice fans, or getting to know your local comic community. (And, if you’re in my neck of the woods, getting a free shaved ice in honor of the day

  • A Guide to Free Comic Book Day 2017

    A Guide to Free Comic Book Day 20170

    Two years ago, I read all of the Free Comic Book Day offerings in one day and listed the titles you definitely needed to pick up. I did it again with a new crop of comics! There were some great titles and hopefully, they’ll get reluctant readers to dive into the world of sequential storytelling.

  • Free Comic Book Day: Where’s Your Manga?

    Free Comic Book Day: Where’s Your Manga?1

    Over the past few years, we’ve seen a resurgence in the North American manga market. Fan favorites like Attack on Titan, One-Punch Man, and Tokyo Ghoul topped bestseller charts. In turn, these healthy sales helped expand the graphic novel section at your local Barnes and Noble. Some companies began pushing their digital manga initiatives in

  • Attack On Titan Takes on FCBD With a Poignant New Story

    Attack On Titan Takes on FCBD With a Poignant New Story0

    Attack On Titan, FCBD 2017 Jody Houser (w), Emi Lennox (a), Paolo Rivera (cover) Kodansha May 6, 2017 Last year, Kodansha published a giant anthology of original Attack On Titan stories by Western creators. The series’ creator, Hajime Isayama, was as enthusiastic about the project as he is about his weird manga becoming such a

  • Spill Night is a Promising New Horror Comic

    Spill Night is a Promising New Horror Comic0

    Spill Night Scott Westerfeld (writer) and Alex Puvilland (illustrator) First Second May 6th, 2017 Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) comics are such silly things. Sure, it’s fun to see your local comic shop overflowing with people, all lined up to get free stuff from publishers that normally ask at least four bucks for a monthly

  • Previously On Comics: Oh, comics.

    Previously On Comics: Oh, comics.0

    Hello, Previously fans! Kate here with the final Previously on Comics of 2016. And this past week was a doozy, reminding us all that just being in comics is a questionable life choice. Sometimes you spend a morning away from social media for whatever reason–a late morning snooze, an early morning workout–and then you check