• Everybody in Comics Knew Girls Loved ElfQuest

    Everybody in Comics Knew Girls Loved ElfQuest0

    Wendy Pini and her husband and collaborator Richard Pini are on a world tour: “Forty Years of Pointed Ears.” This journey, which most recently stopped in at SDCC, celebrates the four publication decades of ElfQuest that culminated in February’s final chapter. ElfQuest is one of the most seminal American comics, spanning the last 22 years

  • The Captain America We Need

    The Captain America We Need6

    A radical hate movement has infiltrated the American government. A cartoon despot pulls tactics from his skimming of Mein Kampf while a hostile foreign power pulls his strings. Just as we’ve started to make progress toward lasting change and brought long-overdue conversations on transphobia, racism, and systemic oppression to the public sphere, we find ourselves

  • Does “Star Wars: The Editor Strikes Back” Hold Up?

    Does “Star Wars: The Editor Strikes Back” Hold Up?1

    Back in 2012, Topher Grace edited the three Star Wars prequels, The Phantom Menace, The Clone Wars, and Revenge of the Sith, into one 85 minute movie and called it Star Wars: The Editor Strikes Back. After Rogue One, we wanted to see if held up. (Or, honestly, if it was ever good.) So Kat,