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Homestuck^2, Andrew Hussie, 2019

What’s a Homestuck Fandom After the Epilogues?

Let me tell you about Homestuck. Homestuck is a webcomic, first published by Andrew Hussie in April 2009. The comic consists of static captioned images, animated GIFs, Flash pages with music and animation, and interactive “walk-around Flashes” recalling early-2000s video games. The story follows a group of internet friends who play a beta version of…

Panel from Secret Empire #0, written by Nick Spencer, artwork by Daniel Acuña and Rod Reis. Published by Marvel Comics

The Captain America We Need

A radical hate movement has infiltrated the American government. A cartoon despot pulls tactics from his skimming of Mein Kampf while a hostile foreign power pulls his strings. Just as we’ve started to make progress toward lasting change and brought long-overdue conversations on transphobia, racism, and systemic oppression to the public sphere, we find ourselves…