• Vindication #1 Has A Chip On Its Shoulder

    Vindication #1 Has A Chip On Its Shoulder0

    Vindication #1 MD Marie (Writer), Carlos Miko (Artist), Dema Jr (Artist), Thiago Goncalves (Colours), Troy Peteri (Letters) Image Comics 6 February, 2019 Turn Washington was just a teenager when he was sentenced to life in prison for killing a young woman. Ten years later, new evidence helps overturn Turn’s conviction. Now exonerated, Turn looks forward

  • Incognegro Renaissance #5: Measured Ending to a Strong Series

    Incognegro Renaissance #5: Measured Ending to a Strong Series0

    Incognegro: Renaissance #5 Mat Johnson (Writer), Warren Pleece (Artist), Clem Robins (Letters) Dark Horse Comics Inc. 4 July, 2018 Published on the 10th anniversary of Mat Johnson and Warren Pleece’s award-winning Incognegro, the new limited 5-issue series, Incognegro: Renaissance, has come to its conclusion. Set in the 1920s, Renaissance acts as a prequel detailing protagonist Zane

  • Mana: Priya Huq’s Comic Full of Water

    Mana: Priya Huq’s Comic Full of Water0

    It was raining heavily when I walked, under leafy trees and through the neighborhood park, to pick up my copy of Priya Huq’s Mana: 1st Volume. Primarily available as a free-to-read webcomic, Mana follows Samudra, a young khandati (swordsperson) who must journey from her mountain home so that she may find what she saw in

  • On Orlando and Supporting QTPOC Comics Creators

    On Orlando and Supporting QTPOC Comics Creators0

    Early in the morning on Sunday, June 12th, 49 people were murdered and 53 injured at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. It quickly became clear that these were QTPOC (queer, trans people of color). A quick scan of articles about the club revealed that Puerto Rican and other Latinx drag queens were scheduled to perform

  • Race and Gender Roundtable: Part Two1

    Welcome to Part Two of our race and gender roundtable, where we talk about creators and authenticity, consumer threat levels, and the future of diversity in comics. You can catch up on Part One of the roundtable here.

  • Roundtable: Race and Gender in Comics0

    The race and gender roundtable is here! Mixing it up were our resident writer Mai Pucik; Arturo Garcia, a writer for Racialicious; writer and comics publisher/editor Talisha Harrison; blogger and webcomic creator Jamie Kingston; and moderator Kelly Kanayama. In part one (of two), we talked about “diversity” characters in comics, the gendering of race, and