• Keeping the “Comics” in Comic Con for 2018

    Keeping the “Comics” in Comic Con for 20181

    In 2017, I attended 11 conventions. As you might expect, I love conventions! I attend all types of them – comic cons, pop culture conventions, gaming conventions, and fan-run conventions. I’m involved in all different aspects of cons, too — I’ve been as a writer, as a panelist, as a volunteer, as program staff, and

  • Dragon Con 2017: Highs and Lows

    Dragon Con 2017: Highs and Lows2

    This year, several folks on the WWAC team spent a long Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA, enjoying the combination of panels, programming, and partying that is Dragon Con. With over 80,000 attendees, 400 guests, and a parade, there’s something for everyone at this convention, and this particular con diary. Come for the cosplay gallery,