• Jem and the Holograms: Dimensions #4: Social Headaches

    Jem and the Holograms: Dimensions #4: Social Headaches0

    Jem and the Holograms: Dimensions #4 “Tasty” Sina Grace (Writer), Hannah Templer (Artist), Shawn Lee (Letters) “Jemojis” Kevin Panetta (Writer), Abby Boeh (Artist), Heather Danforth (Colours), Shawn Lee (Letters) IDW Publishing 7 March, 2018 In the final issue of Jem and the Holograms: Dimensions, the two rival bands find themselves at the receiving end of

  • Colour in Thi Bui’s “The Best We Could Do”

    Colour in Thi Bui’s “The Best We Could Do”0

    The endpapers of Thi Buy’s The Best We Could Do are coloured in a wash of a sky blue hue, and depict a beach scene: shells of several sizes are scattered about, along with a pair of sandals. The effect of the opening endpapers, to which the reader turns from the cover image of a

  • Review–Superman: Lois Lane One Shot

    Review–Superman: Lois Lane One Shot3

    Superman: Lois Lane Marguerite Bennet Emanuela Lupachina, Megan Ketrick, Ig Guara, Diogenes Neves The first thing I noticed about this one shot was the majority female storytelling team. The second thing I noticed was the shining filament of connectivity with previous versions of Lois Lane. Even though this is The New 52! (complete with exclamation

  • Roundtable: Race and Gender in Comics0

    The race and gender roundtable is here! Mixing it up were our resident writer Mai Pucik; Arturo Garcia, a writer for Racialicious; writer and comics publisher/editor Talisha Harrison; blogger and webcomic creator Jamie Kingston; and moderator Kelly Kanayama. In part one (of two), we talked about “diversity” characters in comics, the gendering of race, and

  • Which Comic Are You Wearing?

    Which Comic Are You Wearing?0

    Cosplay is great, but sometimes it’s intimidating. Where will I wear it? How will I make it? Can I afford it, for just one con/just for one Halloween? Will the character suit me? Will people be nasty jerks about my choices? And so on! It’s hard to be a fan. There are ways to cut