• Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Back and Good

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Back and Good1

    Unto each generation, a story is told— When considering a comic book, it’s pertinent to consider its target audience and who it’s marketed to or for whom it’s easy to find. For a franchised book, or an adaptation of an existing success, the question becomes more interesting along with that relevancy: Is this just for

  • What Is a Pubwatch, Even?

    What Is a Pubwatch, Even?0

    Long ago, in the mysterious and misty past of 2017, WWAC began offering regular, coherent roundups of industry news and mini-reviews of recent publications from a variety of publishers and called them Pubwatches. Since then, our list of Pubwatches has grown drastically. In my exalted capacity as Pubwatch Editor (please note: capacity not actually exalted),

  • PUBWATCH: BOOM! Studios, August 2018

    PUBWATCH: BOOM! Studios, August 20180

    Hey folks! If you’ve been regularly following this here BOOM! Pubwatch, you might notice things are a bit different, as we’ve secretly replaced your regular host, the fearless Claire “Jack ‘The Joker’ Napier” Napier, with, well, me. Archival footage of Claire leaving the BOOM! Pubwatch: Well, have no fear, because I’ve bowed down in front

  • Fence #6: A Budding Rivalry is Realized

    Fence #6: A Budding Rivalry is Realized0

    Fence #6 C.S. PACAT (WRITER), JOHANNA THE MAD (ARTIST) BOOM! STUDIOS MAY 16, 2018 School drama, peer rivalries, and passionate moments abound in BOOM!’s Fence, a series that follows the story of Nicholas Cox as he tries to make a name for himself in the world of fencing. Unofficially trained and poor, Nicholas must give

  • Hardcore Lady-Types Living Their Best Life: Lumberjanes #50

    Hardcore Lady-Types Living Their Best Life: Lumberjanes #500

    Lumberjanes #50 Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh (Writers), Dozerdraws (Artist), Maarta Laiho (Colourist), Aubrey Aiese (Letterer) BOOM! Box May 2018 I used to be a regular Lumberjanes reader, but over the last few years, I’m ashamed to admit I’ve fallen behind on all my ongoing series, Lumberjanes included. I’m slowly getting caught up through the trades,

  • Mech Cadet Yu Inspires and Entertains

    Mech Cadet Yu Inspires and Entertains0

    Mech Cadet Yu is an homage to any manga where big robots fight bigger danger, a heartening story about friendship, and a glimpse into writer Greg Pak’s inspirations as a creator. I’m excited to go along for the ride.