• The Whispering Dark #4: A Satisfactory But Predictable Ending

    The Whispering Dark #4: A Satisfactory But Predictable Ending2

    The Whispering Dark #4 Tomás Aira (artist and colours), Christofer Emgård (writer), Mauro Mantella (letters) Dark Horse Comics 13 February, 2019 Chief Hannah Vance is about to face her reckoning. Days of trudging through hostile weather in enemy territory with her rescued rangers have turned her into a hardened soldier. With food supplies low, the

  • Creator Spotlight: Olivia Stephens

    Creator Spotlight: Olivia Stephens0

    As one of the rising voices in comics today, Olivia Stephens’s approach to story, art, and relationships reveals a raw look at the human experience. Steve Morris at Comics Alliance recently said he doesn’t “think there’s anybody in comics right now who captures the human spirit like Olivia.” I caught up with Olivia via email to