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Kara Danvers and Dreamer right after the interview

Fighting Against Fascism in Supergirl’s “American Dreamer”

Supergirl 4.19: “American Dreamer” Robert Rovner, Jessica Queller, Sarah Schechter, Greg Berlanti (Executive Producers), David Harewood (director), Joanie L. Woehler, Jennifer Lence, Carl Ogawa, Derek Simon, Chris Pavoni (producers), Jesse Warn, Gabriel Llanas, Dana Horgan (Supervising Producers), Lindsay Sturman, Rob Wright (Co-Executive Producers) Eric Carasco, Daniel Beaty, Aadrita Mukerji (executive story editors), Katie Rose Rogers (story…

An armed man and woman are ready for a fight on the cover of Firefly: The Unification War Part One

Serenity When? Firefly: The Unification War Part One

Firefly: The Unification War Part One Jim Campbell (letterer), Marcello Costa (colorist), Dan McDaid (artist), Greg Pak (writer), Joss Whedon (creator) BOOM! Studios April 24, 2019 Apparently, I’m not quite over my crush on Firefly, despite my utter disappointment with Shepherd’s backstory, and my general disappointment that has come from growing up and becoming aware…

Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Comic (MST3K) (Dark Horse, 2018)

Joel Hodgson on Breezeways, Playing a Thief, and the Promptness of Mary Jo Pehl

Comic, actor, producer and general gizmocrat Joel Hodgson needs no introduction from this website. Co-creator, producer and writer for Mystery Science Theater 3000, he also hosted the show for its first four and a half seasons as the amiable Joel Robinson.  Hodgson has gone on to appear in numerous other projects including riffing for Cinematic…