• First Second Pubwatch: March 2020

    First Second Pubwatch: March 20200

    Welcome to the new Pubwatch series for First Second Books! Stories about the magic of friendship and social issues that affect young people dominate my reviews of the graphic novels this month from the publisher First Second. This will regularly be the new place to learn about what’s happening with this innovative publisher for comics

  • IDW Pubwatch March 2020

    IDW Pubwatch March 20200

    Welcome to the March IDW Pubwatch! I couldn’t be more excited to share my finds with you. It’s been a busy month at IDW and I’ve got all the top news coming out of the publishing house, as well as tons of IDW comic book reviews. Plus, I have a selection of my favourite covers

  • DC Pubwatch – February 2020

    DC Pubwatch – February 20200

    OH, BOY. It’s not often that I have industry-shaking news to report in a Pubwatch, but just as I was sitting down to write for February, the biggest news of the industry hit. Dan DiDio is no longer at DC. He joined the company in 2002 as vice-president of editorial, eventually becoming co-publisher with Jim

  • February AfterShock Pubwatch

    February AfterShock Pubwatch0

    Welcome to WWAC’s February PubWatch coverage for AfterShock Comics! This February has brought us the launches of a few new AfterShock books, the endings of some others, and the announcement of even more titles!

  • Vault Comics Pubwatch: February

    Vault Comics Pubwatch: February0

    Welcome to the new year with Vault. January started off too slow to warrant a Vault Comics Pubwatch, but that doesn’t mean the publisher hasn’t been busy. Here’s a handful of what they’ve been up to this winter.

  • BOOM Pubwatch: February 2020

    BOOM Pubwatch: February 20200

    This month I really tried to spend some time catching up on a few series. There are so many great BOOM! comics out right now it’s easy to fall behind when I’m doing my reading for this Pubwatch. In particular, I spent a little extra time catching up on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and