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xxxHolic Omnibus 3 pg. 23. © CLAMP/Kodansha Ltd. All rights reserved.

Hungry for Definition: xxxHolic’s Addiction to Food

xxxHolic Omnibus editions vols. 1–5 CLAMP (mangaka studio); William Flanagan (adaptation and translation); Dana Hayward (letters) Kodansha 2014–2015 (first published 2003–2009) Note: this essay contains some light spoilers; review copies were provided by Kodansha. Watanuki Kimihiro sees spirits. Even worse, they want to eat him, and so they chase him. All the time. Big, scary,…


Relive, Rewrite, Restore: Yukarism Volume 1

Yukarism, Vol. 1 Chika Shiomi Viz Media 2014 It’s hard to pin Yukarism down, even after a few rereads. Chika Shiomi throws several tropes together—history, reincarnation, romance, time-travel—and while the result is entertaining at first, the story quickly loses its ability to intrigue the reader. Main character Yukari Kobayakawa’s literary talent is evident at 17 years…

Music and a Muse: Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April Naoshi Arakawa (mangaka); Alethea and Athena Nibley (translation); Scott Brown (lettering) Cover Design by Phil Balsman Kodansha Comics April 21, 2015 There’s something fascinating about the depiction of an auditory experience in visual form. What does it look like to play music? How do those feelings manifest? Can a story about music be…