• Dead Legends #1 Wants to Test Your Might

    Dead Legends #1 Wants to Test Your Might0

    Dead Legends #1 Ryan Ferrier (letterer), James Maddox (writer), Gavin Smith (artist) A Wave Blue World October 9, 2019 Descending a long staircase buried deep in a lush forest, competitors bring their medallions to the registration table, marking their names to become part of the Dead Legends fighting tournament. Winners become legends. Losers become, well, dead

  • The Nib: An Outstanding Series

    The Nib: An Outstanding Series0

    At the Ignatz Awards this year, The Nib’s print magazine won the prestigious award for Outstanding Series, and both the Death issue (published September 2018) and the Family issue (published January 2019) were individually nominated in the category Outstanding Anthology. They were both strong contenders for the prize, as they offered a wide range of

  • Apocalyptic Blues (and Pinks, and Oranges) in Ben Passmore’s DAYGLOAYHOLE

    Apocalyptic Blues (and Pinks, and Oranges) in Ben Passmore’s DAYGLOAYHOLE0

    DAYGLOAYHOLE # 1-3 Ben Passmore Silver Sprocket 2018-2019 In Ben Passmore’s Ignatz-nominated DAYGLOAYHOLE, the apocalypse has already happened. Cities are destroyed, people incinerated … it’s a bad time. But of course it wouldn’t be any kind of time without someone to interpret it, bringing us to the bespectacled and underwear-clad Ben. Passmore’s partial self-insert, Ben is


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