Author: Wendy Browne

A man in a long trench coat stands in shadows surrounded by newspapers with the giant headline "WAR" on the front

INTERVIEW: Francesco Artibani and Werther Dell’Edera Bring Us He Who Fights With Monsters

Taking a scroll through Francesco Artibani’s Twitter feed, you will see many cheerful references to Disney’s beloved characters. This is unsurprising, what with the Italian comics and cartoon writer’s resume, which includes working for 15 years as a screenwriter for Disney Italy, as well as editing Italian translations for works such as Bone and Elfquest….

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Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: North America an Interview with Editors Kate Ashwin and Kel McDonald

After visiting Asia, Africa, and Europe, the Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales anthology series is moving to North America. Featuring 100 pages of entertaining and educational stories, The Woman and the Woods and Other North American Stories — now on Kickstarter — explores the stories, passed down through generations, of the people who have inhabited Turtle…