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  • Review: Faith #1

    Review: Faith #10

    Faith #1 Jody Houser (writer), Francis Portela (artist), Marguerite Sauvage (fantasy sequence artist), Joe Quinones (recap artist), Andrew Dalhouse (colors), Dave Sharpe (letterer) Valiant January 27, 2016 Disclaimer: Valiant provided an advance copy, and this review contains (very minor) spoilers. Valiant’s new mini-series Faith stars a confident fat woman and, before it even debuted in comic

  • Autobio Spotlight: Miranda Harmon

    Autobio Spotlight: Miranda Harmon0

    Seeing as Miranda Harmon recently knocked us all off our feet with with her deeply personal ode to the Harmontown podcast, this is an excellent time to remind everyone that she has been making autobiographical comics for a while now—and they are all great. Seriously, go read them now.

  • Faith in Representation: Valiant Efforts

    Faith in Representation: Valiant Efforts1

    Editor’s note: This is the first of what we hope will be several pieces on Valiant Comics’ new(ish) heroine Faith, aka Zephyr, whose solo miniseries will begin in January 2016. Do you have a perspective on Faith, a yearning to cover her series, or an interest in discovering this heroine? Get in touch. But first: