Author: Megan Byrd

Picard Christmas

Holiday Gift Guide For Trekkies

Your prime directive this year: finding the perfect gift for that special Trekkie in your life. Will you boldly purchase a wearable item? Or maybe you’d rather give a decorative piece to hang in their ten forward? We’ve compiled a list of Star Trek themed gifts that we would happily accept this holiday season, and you…

Blankets (2003), Craig Thompson

Top Ten Comfort Comics For Fall

As the weather begins its inevitable yearly betrayal of us here in the Northern hemisphere, there is comfort to be found in our hobbies. Often neglected during the sweaty days of summer, autumn is a prime time for reading comics while drinking tea, buried in layers of thick blankets. Re-reading your favorite comics for their…

digital comics museum. beyond 003

Finding Feminism in Horror: Part II

Feminism and horror are not often associated topics, but we found more than a few movies with both frights and feminists to discuss. Catch up on Part I of our roundtable from last week, where we left our discussion surrounding the compelling mother figures in classic horror films. Trigger Warning: Discussions of murder, sexual assault, and other gruesome…

digital comics museum. beyond 008

Finding Feminism in Horror: Part I

Finding feminist ideology in the horror film genre can feel like searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore film. It can seem a futile effort considering the most popular horror tropes are particularly unflattering toward the female characters: the final virginal survivor, “ugly duckling” killer, the commonality of sexual assault as plot device, etc. Then…