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Your prime directive this year: finding the perfect gift for that special Trekkie in your life. Will you boldly purchase a wearable item? Or maybe you’d rather give a decorative piece to hang in their ten forward? We’ve compiled a list of Star Trek themed gifts that we would happily accept this holiday season, and you won’t have to spend your last bar of latinum to afford them either.


Cookies. Earl Grey. (Hot.)

Earl Grey infused biscuits? Picard himself would not be able to resist this delicious sounding treat. Consumables are the perfect gift for the Star Trek fan who already has every collectible item on their wish list.


Star Trek The Original Series Fine Art Coasters

This collection of coasters features illustrated posters inspired by every episode of the original Star Trek series. It was an exclusive at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, but now you can order it for significantly less than when it was first released.


Star Trek Comic Blanket

This might be the only gift on this list that your loved one can truly immerse themselves. Make their next re-watch of the original series even cozier with this colorful throw blanket.


Star Trek Insignia Circuit Board Necklace

Something tells us that there might be overlap between fans of tech and Trek. With the sophisticated combination of technology and nerd pride, who wouldn’t want to assimilate this into one’s wardrobe?


Fistful of Latinum Nail Polish

If one of the Rules of Acquisition is to look fabulous during all transactions, Fistful of Latinum is the perfect glittery top coat. Etsy user FanchromaticNails has several more Trek inspired nail polishes as well, so at around $5.00 US per bottle, grab a set or stick to singles for stocking stuffers.


Star Trek Wallet

The strong design element of this wallet has made it a popular item — it is sold out on many sites, including If this one stands out amongst the gift guide, we recommend ordering it while it is still available.


Star Trek Original Series Uniform Watch

Today watches only truly function as fashion accessories, so if you’re going to wear one it better say more than the time. One can choose their Trek allegiance with captain, medical, and communication officer colors.


Star Trek Art Cutting Board

We can’t help but imagine this cutting board in the kitchen of Picard’s rustic French cottage (on the holodeck of course – he’d never settle on Earth). Pair this with wine and cheese, and insist that your loved one take their much needed shore leave.


Star Trek Cats Poster by Jenny Parks

Jenny Parks has created cat mashup illustrations for just about every fandom, and her Trek cats poster is as memorable as the rest. If your friend has named any of their pets after Star Trek characters, this might be the piece they will appreciate furever.


Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who: Assimilation 2

We do love comics here (go figure) and IDW’s recent Star Trek: TNG / Doctor Who crossover series was a delight to read. Readers new to comics need only be a fan of both shows to appreciate this mini series.


If you’d like to drop the not-so-subtle hint to friends and family about your desire to receive Star Trek themed gifts this year, send this list their way! Until everyone begins sharing and shopping, here is one free gift every Star Trek fan can enjoy this holiday season:

Megan Byrd

Megan Byrd

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