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    Laura Harcourt

    Part of WWAC's editorial team, Laura has loved comics ever since her very first copy of Betty and Veronica Double Digest. Until her own superhero training is complete, she spends most of her time writing about others. She is most usually found in Western New England and is easily startled by loud noises.

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  • Supergirl is Up, Up, and Away on the CW

    Supergirl is Up, Up, and Away on the CW0

    • October 11, 2016

    Last night saw the Season 2 premiere of Supergirl, now on the CW. And while no one expected the sophomore season on a smaller network to match the show’s numbers during its tenure on CBS, the fact is Supergirl blew us all away, delivering the most-watched show during its time period for the CW in nearly

  • Supergirl’s White Kryptonite

    Supergirl’s White Kryptonite0

    There aren’t many shows I really love these days. For every Jane the Virgin or Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, there seems to be a corresponding amount of hard-boiled police procedurals headlined by square-jawed and serious men. Still, it’s not a leap to say that I love Supergirl.

  • Bombshells and Broken Backs

    Bombshells and Broken Backs3

    I don’t read a lot of single issues anymore. On a grad student budget, for both time and cash, it makes more sense to just pick up trades and catch up on series I enjoy when I can. For no other series is that more true than for DC’s Bombshells, the Marguerite Bennett and Sauvage-led weekly series.

  • Roundtable: The WWAC Warriors Talk Ms. Marvel’s Patriotic Pose

    Roundtable: The WWAC Warriors Talk Ms. Marvel’s Patriotic Pose2

    You know us as the WWAC Warriors: everyday athletes who love to run, swim, lift weights, walk, train, and fight. We like to talk about fight choreography, realistic vs. impossible poses, and what disciplines our favorite characters embrace. Usually, that discussion is behind the scenes, but today, we wanted to share our thoughts on a recent