Day: November 17, 2015

#BlackComicsMonth’s Creator Needs Your Help!

Update: Some information was wrong. Initially, Vixen asked for $15, 000 and not $2, 100. The $2, 100 covered only the initial rehab expenses.  MsCaramelVixen, of Vixen Varsity and the brains behind #BlackComicsMonth, needs your help. In 2014, Vixen suffered multiple injuries after being rear-ended at a red light. The insurance refused to cover her surgery and the…

Incredible Indie Tuesday: Snowpiercer coming to TV and Doctor Mirage (finally) coming back to comics

Loyal readers, let me give you a piece of advice:  if you must have a day-job, try not to have one that involves constant three-hour drives to rural Ohio hospitals.  Even more importantly, if you must do work that involves long drives and overnight trips to rural Ohio, definitely don’t leave your overnight bag containing your clean clothes,…