Author: Kat Overland

Copyediting: What Even IS That? Four Copyeditors Discuss The Matter

Back in May, Claire—WWAC’s Features and Opinions Editor—and Jasmine—the co-editor of The Psychedelic Journal—had a little roundtable discussion on editing and what it’s all about. This got us—the copyediting team here at WWAC—thinking. Perhaps we should have a little roundtable of our own. “Copyediting?” “What even is that?” “Why do you need a copyeditor?” “Don’t…

The three members of Sister Wolf lay on a bed reading a pile of comics

Sister Wolf: A Dark Soundtrack for a Day in Gotham

Villians Sister Wolf August 2015 Sister Wolf is a three-piece rock band that initially met playing blues at Sarah Lawrence College. Now, they’re taking the stories and psyches of several comic book characters in Villians, their first full-length album (available to stream on SoundCloud now). Made up of Steph Wolf, Chris Atkins, and Matt Weitman, the band cites both comics and feminism as…

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Television Comes to TIFF: TV at Film Festivals and the Possibility of a TV Festival That’s Good

This year the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) will include a block of television programming and I think that’s weird. Its TV programming, Primetime, includes screenings of Casual (USA) from Jason Reitman, CROMO (Argentina) from Lucía Puenzo and Nicolás Puenzo, Keith Richards: Under the Influence (USA) from Morgan Neville, The Returned (France) from Fabrice Gobert,…

3 Takes On Island #2

Island #2 Ed. Brandon Graham and Emma Rios Robin Bougie, Brandon Graham, Will Kirkby, Ludroe, Emma Rios, Simon Roy, and Miguel Alberto Woodward Image Comics August 19, 2015 Island is a new comic magazine edited by Brandon Graham and Emma Rios. The magazine includes prose, illustration, done-in-one, and serialized comics. We reviewed Island #1 here….

Lobo #9 cover

Yes, There’s Rape in Lobo #9

(Content Warning: This article contains discussion of rape) The warning-free preview of Lobo #9, written by Frank J. Barbiere and Cullen Bunn, art by Szymon Kudranski and Cliff Richards, and colors by Blond, opens with villain Countess Fabria Odessa taking control of Lobo via mechanical spiders. She has him spread eagled on a bed, unable to fight back, and she straddles…

Review: Ant-Man Keeps It Small (Spoiler Free!)

Ant-Man Director: Peyton Reed Starring: Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lily, Michael Douglas Marvel Studios July 2015 Another white dude hero. A tempestuous production history where Edgar Wright drops out due to rumored corporate meddling. No Janet Van Dyne. Plus, it’s about a guy who can control ants. Ant-Man seemed destined for disaster almost as soon as…