Day: January 26, 2016

Incredible Indie Tuesday: Female Artist Claire Wendling Makes Grand Prix Shortlist Despite Festival Fail

While the film industry’s been wrestling with the complete shut-out of any people of color from the Oscars acting nominations, a similar storm has been brewing over comics’ most prestigious award.  Unfortunately, #AngoulemesSoMale does not a great hashtag make, so it may have flown under your radar!  It all revolves around a lifetime achievement award given to…

Lucifer on Fox: Pretty Lukewarm

Lucifer Morningstar got his start in Sandman #4, created by Neil Gaiman and Sam Keith. Based initially in part on David Bowie and John Milton’s Paradise Lost, and fleshed out in a solo series by Mike Carey, Peter Gross, and Ryan Kelly, Lucifer runs the gamut — stories involve angels, demons, ghosts, fighting the armies of Heaven, creating a…