Author: Jules Low

Elder Scrolls Online Screenshot by Lindsey David

What We’re Playing: April

Hello, Spring! We’re glad you’re here. Please, join us for a game or two. Games Editor Al Rosenberg may not be able to remove herself from Hearthstone on her cell phone long enough to do much of anything, but other folks are having exciting gaming adventures. Readers, what are you playing this month?

Cool Games of April: Staff Picks

State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition Developer: Undead Labs Publisher: Microsoft Studios Xbox One April 28, 2015 I love zombies. I know the market has been a bit flooded recently with zombie…stuff, but State of Decay did it right. You play a whole team of people, all of whom live together in a safe…

Astro Boy Reboot Launches Teaser

Announced back in June 2014, with the very first image from Astro Boy Reboot released late last year as well, the upcoming reboot of the beloved robotic boy wonder has finally released its first teaser. Created as a co-production between Tezuka Productions in Japan, the Monaco-based Shibuya Productions, and Caribara Proudction in France, the upcoming…