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    Jameson Hampton

    Jamey is a non-binary adventurer from Buffalo, NY who wishes they were immortal so they’d have time to visit every coffee shop in the world. They write code, like plants, record podcasts, categorize zines and read tarot cards. Ask them about Star Wars or Vampire: the Masquerade if you dare.

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  • Beyond the Adventure Time Finale: Season 11 #1

    Beyond the Adventure Time Finale: Season 11 #10

    Adventure Time Season 11 #1 Ted Anderson (writer), Meg Casey (colorist), Marina Julia (artist), Sonny Liew (story) BOOM! Studios October 10th, 2018 This review contains spoilers for the Adventure Time finale! As a long time fan of Adventure Time since season one, the finale last month was a bittersweet event for me. It’s a show

  • Introducing: Lion Forge Pubwatch October 2018!

    Introducing: Lion Forge Pubwatch October 2018!0

    New Challenger Approaching: Lion Forge has joined the battle! Wait, sorry, this isn’t Super Smash Bros. This is WWAC’s pubwatch series! I’m Jameson Hampton and I’m happy to present to you the first edition of our newest pubwatch: Lion Forge! Lion Forge is known for its Catalyst Prime superhero universe, a superb lineup of graphic