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    Jameson Hampton

    Jamey is a non-binary adventurer from Buffalo, NY who wishes they were immortal so they’d have time to visit every coffee shop in the world. They write code, like plants, record podcasts, categorize zines and read tarot cards. Ask them about Star Wars or Vampire: the Masquerade if you dare.

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  • Authenticity and Happiness Shine Through in The Bride Was A Boy

    Authenticity and Happiness Shine Through in The Bride Was A Boy0

    The Bride Was A Boy Chii (story and art) Seven Seas May 2018 A great example of queer representation in manga, The Bride Was A Boy is an autobiographical story about a Japanese trans woman and her experience falling in love, transitioning, and getting married in Japan. Everything about this book is cute and heartwarming—Chii’s

  • Dissecting “Men in Comics” at TCAF 2018

    Dissecting “Men in Comics” at TCAF 20180

    From the dawn of the Golden Age of Comics, there has been one overlooked group of people that has faced the most adversity and struggled more than any other to find a place in comics: straight white men. At this year’s TCAF, a panel of talented comics creators tackled the important, yet controversial, issue of

  • Artist Spotlight: Show Us Your #Metsona!

    Artist Spotlight: Show Us Your #Metsona!0

    I love the artist community on Twitter. I love how talented they all are! I love how willing they are to jump on any opportunity to participate in drawing prompts and themes. I love #inktober, I love #mermay, and this week, I love #metsona!

  • Crowdfunding Comics Roundup, March ’18

    Crowdfunding Comics Roundup, March ’180

    Lemonade Summer Gabi Mendez, Cowhouse Press Ends April 7th I’m particularly excited about Lemonade Summer, an anthology by Gabi Mendez of short stories about queer, transgender, and non-binary youth going on summer adventures and learning important things about themselves on the way. The monochromatic art is cute, the stories look adorable, and comics for queer