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    Emma Snape

    Emma is an Ohio native who has worked in film production and education, and writes about comics on the side. She loves thinking about the role of visuals in narrative storytelling, both in film and comics, reading comics set in cities she's lived in, and telling people to read X-Force (1991).

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  • Excalibur #3 Takes Flight on the Back of a Dragon

    Excalibur #3 Takes Flight on the Back of a Dragon0

    Excalibur #3 Erick Arciniega (Colorist), Tini Howard (Writer), Tom Muller (Designer), Cory Petit (Letterer), Marcus To (Artist) December 4, 2019 This review contains spoilers for Excalibur #3, and contains discussion of past depictions of suicide within the X-Men franchise. So far, the Dawn of X has had everything anyone could want. Mutant culture, intergalactic politics,

  • Old Friendships Shine in New Mutants #2

    Old Friendships Shine in New Mutants #20

    New Mutants #2 Jonathan Hickman (Writer), Travis Lanham (Letterer), Tom Muller (Designer), Rod Reis (Artist) November 27, 2019 This issue contains spoilers for New Mutants #2. New Mutants #2 is a delight. The New Mutants are stuck in space jail, bound for space court, with only Roberto’s wildly incompetent space lawyer in between the team