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    Emma Snape

    Emma is an Ohio native who has worked in film production and education, and writes about comics on the side. She loves thinking about the role of visuals in narrative storytelling, both in film and comics, reading comics set in cities she's lived in, and telling people to read X-Force (1991).

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  • AfterShock Pubwatch April 2020

    AfterShock Pubwatch April 20200

    Welcome to the AfterShock Comics Pubwatch! In this time of social distancing, now is a great time to pick up a new AfterShock series, or catch up on an old favorite through a collected trade paperback or hardcover. There is a lot of uncertainty in these times, and thus the AfterShock Pubwatches for March and

  • New Mutants #9: New Faces, Scary Places

    New Mutants #9: New Faces, Scary Places0

    The New Mutants are no stranger to horror as a genre, from classic stories involving hauntings to modern nightmares of the technarchy. In issue #9, the team plunges directly into a young mutant’s fearscape in an attempt to help, but quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the unexpected. New Mutants brings the Dawn of X a

  • New Mutants #8: When in Nova Roma…

    New Mutants #8: When in Nova Roma…0

    Following the conclusions of the first two story arcs, New Mutants returns with an issue that stands on its own, while sparking a larger, ongoing story. Amara Aquilla, the New Mutant known as Magma, takes center stage as the New Mutants back on Earth find themselves shifting gears following their mishaps in Nebraska. This has

  • February AfterShock Pubwatch

    February AfterShock Pubwatch0

    Welcome to WWAC’s February PubWatch coverage for AfterShock Comics! This February has brought us the launches of a few new AfterShock books, the endings of some others, and the announcement of even more titles!