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    Emma Snape

    Emma is an Ohio native based in Los Angeles, who works full time in film production, and writes about comics on the side. She loves thinking about the role of visuals in narrative storytelling, both in film and comics, reading comics set in cities she's lived in, and telling people to read X-Force (1991).

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  • Powers of X #2: Then It Will Be Done

    Powers of X #2: Then It Will Be Done0

    Powers of X #2 VC’s Clayton Cowles (letterer), Marte Gracia (colors), Jonathan Hickman (writer), Tom Muller (design), R.B. Silva (artist), R.B. Silva & Adriano di Benedetto (inkers) Marvel Comics August 14, 2019 This review contains spoilers for Powers of X #2. In the press for House of X and Powers of X, Jonathan Hickman warned

  • Test #1 Shows Life in the Fringes of the Technology Boom

    Test #1 Shows Life in the Fringes of the Technology Boom0

    Test #1 Jen Hickman (artist), Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (letterer), Harry Saxton (colorist), Christopher Sebela (writer) Vault Comics July 3, 2019 The first issue of Test throws you right into the story, asking you to keep pace with protagonist Aleph Null as the story hurtles ahead in a world that feels familiar, but becomes something uncertain and

  • Immortal Hulk #18-19: “This is Me”

    Immortal Hulk #18-19: “This is Me”1

    Immortal Hulk #18 & #19 Joe Bennett (artist), Al Ewing (writer), Ruy José (inker), Paul Mount (colorist), Cory Petit (letterer)| Marvel Comics May 29, 2019 and June 12, 2019 Immortal Hulk #18 and #19 introduce us to the newest gamma monsters: the new Abomination and Harpy. These two issues are some of the book’s goriest

  • Dead Kings #5 Finally Rests

    Dead Kings #5 Finally Rests0

    Dead Kings #5 Lauren Affe, Thomas Mauer, Steve Orlando, Matthew Dow Smith Aftershock Comics May 29, 2019 For its full five-issue run, Aftershock Comics’ Dead Kings has told a story that’s equally about war and about redemption, and the book’s final issue completes that story with a practically pitch-perfect ending. Set in the fictional Thrice-Nine, the