Author: Emma Snape

Immortal Hulk #20 & #21: What are You, Bruce Banner of Earth?

Immortal Hulk #20 Joe Bennett (artist), Al Ewing (writer), Ruy José, Belardino Brabo, & Mark Deering (inkers), Paul Mounts (colorist), Cory Petit (letterer)| Marvel Comics July 3, 2019 Immortal Hulk #21 Ryan Bodenheim (artist), Al Ewing (writer),Paul Mounts (colorist), Cory Petit (letterer)| Marvel Comics July 17, 2019 Immortal Hulk #20 and #21 are two very different stories,…

Dead Kings #5 Finally Rests

Dead Kings #5 Lauren Affe, Thomas Mauer, Steve Orlando, Matthew Dow Smith Aftershock Comics May 29, 2019 For its full five-issue run, Aftershock Comics’ Dead Kings has told a story that’s equally about war and about redemption, and the book’s final issue completes that story with a practically pitch-perfect ending. Set in the fictional Thrice-Nine, the…