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    Doris V. Sutherland

    Horror historian, animation addict and tubular transdudette. Catch me on Twitter @dorvsutherland, or view my site at dorisvsutherland.com. If you like my writing enough to fling money my way, then please visit patreon.com/dorvsutherland or ko-fi.com/dorvsutherland.

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  • 2016 Hugo Reviews: Novellas

    2016 Hugo Reviews: Novellas2

    With Best Short Story and Best Novelette covered, I now turn my attention to the last short fiction category at the Hugo Awards: Best Novella… Binti by Nnedi Okorafor Mankind has spread to the stars and encountered alien races, but not all of humanity is eager to explore space. The Himba of Southern Africa remain a

  • Comics and Controversy at the 2016 Hugo Awards

    Comics and Controversy at the 2016 Hugo Awards1

    As anyone who follows the Hugo Awards will already be aware, the 2016 ballot was decided in large part by one man: Vox Day. As part of his Rabid Puppies campaign, the self-styled “national libertarian” provocateur sent his followers to vote for a slate that he himself assembled. The Rabid Puppies also affected last year’s Hugos;

  • 2016 Hugo Reviews: Novelettes

    2016 Hugo Reviews: Novelettes1

    Having covered the Hugo Awards’ Best Short Story finalists in my previous post, I shall now take a look at the five stories that are contending for the title of Best Novelette.

  • Women in British Animation: A Short Introduction

    Women in British Animation: A Short Introduction0

    While the United Kingdom never had an animation industry on the same scale as those of the United States, Japan or Russia, the country has long played host to a vibrant subculture of experimental animation. Animation, like any other medium, started out as an experimental endeavour. In Britain, it was pioneered by turn-of-the-century filmmaker Arthur Melbourne-Cooper,