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    Ashly Nagrant

    Ashly is a writer, a former part-time ghost tour guide and one-time magical girl wrestler. She is the writer and creator of the column "Where's My FREAKING Revolution?" Ashly is also a former wrestling contributor for Deadshirt and her work has appeared on Buzznet.com, LiveNation, Setlist.fm, Sub-Cultured and more. In college she kicked a pigeon and she still feels awful about it.

Author's Posts

  • WWE #14: Well, It Could Be Worse

    WWE #14: Well, It Could Be Worse0

    WWE #14 Dennis Hopeless, Tini Howard (writers), Serg Acuña (artist), Dan Mora (cover artist) BOOM! Studios February 21, 2018 There is something fascinating about WWE #14. The first issue of the arc chronicling the Women’s Revolution in the company is some kind of genius in how metatextual the storytelling is. Because, exactly like the real

  • WWE Royal Rumble #1: Gettin’ Pretty Weird in this Station Wagon, YEAHHH!

    WWE Royal Rumble #1: Gettin’ Pretty Weird in this Station Wagon, YEAHHH!0

    WWE’s Royal Rumble match is a major yearly event, heralded as “The Beginning of the Road To Wrestlemania.” The match itself is massive: 30 participants, two starting the match, and the other 28 entering at 90 second intervals (give or take). The goal is to be the last person standing after everyone else has been

  • WWE Survivor Series 2017: Hope You Survive The Series

    WWE Survivor Series 2017: Hope You Survive The Series0

    WWE Survivor Series 2017 Special #1 Publisher: BOOM! Studios Writers: Dennis Hopeless, Box Brown, Derek Fridolfs, Kevin Paneta, Lan Pitts, Aaron Gillespie Artists: Lucas Werneck, Rodrigo Lorenzo, Derek Fridolfs, Kendall Goode, Kelly Williams, Tim Lattie Colorists: Jeremy Lawson, Doug Garbark, Fred Stresing, Dee Cunniffe, Letterer: Jim Campbell Cover Artists: Main Cover: Rahzzah WWE What If?

  • WWE #9: Shield Me From My Brother [GIFs]

    WWE #9: Shield Me From My Brother [GIFs]0

    WWE #9 Dennis Hopeless (Writer) Serg Acuña (Artist) BOOM! Studios September 27, 2017 It’s the Big Dog’s turn to shine in WWE. Issue #9 starts the third arc of the series. After concentrating on Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, we naturally move on to Roman Reigns. We also move onto the character hardest to tackle.