Author: Annie Blitzen

Angela: Queen of Hel #6, written by Marguerite Bennett, art by Kim Jacinto, colors by Israel Silva, lettering and production by Clayton Cowles

Show Your #TransComicsLove

Many comics fans are aware of the harassment that Marvel editor Heather Antos received on Twitter, which resulted in the #MakeMineMilkshake campaign of support. They may be less aware of #TransComicsLove and the circumstances that prompted that hashtag. The trolls who attacked Heather Antos lashed out at many other women, as well as people of color…

Clean Room #18, cover by Jenny Frison. Vertigo. 2017.

Clean Room: I May Need To Take A Sick Day

Clean Room vol. 1-3 Gail Simone (writer), Jon Davis-Hunt (artist), Walter Geovani (artist), Quinton Winter (colorist), Jenny Frison (covers), Shelly Bond (editor), Molly Mahan (editor) Vertigo (an imprint of DC Comics) 2015-2017 Spoiler Warning: this review contains some general spoilers about the plot and characters What it’s about: A reporter loses everything and vows to…