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    Al Rosenberg

    Gay weirdo. Talk to her about tiny games, big books, trash, and all things illness.

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  • Vampirella In Design

    Vampirella In Design0

    Vampirella is being rebooted and recostumed again!  Dynamite has announced that they will be rebooting the comic for the second time in recent years, with a new creative team and another new direction. Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton (Knight and Squire, Saucer County) will be taking over the book and delivering a Vampirella for a

  • What Zombie Game Should I Play: A Flowchart

    What Zombie Game Should I Play: A Flowchart0

    • October 21, 2016

    Well, it’s nearing that time of year again: zombie game time. Halloween is good for many things, not the least of which is dressing up like the undead, sitting in my dark living room, and playing a fine zombie game. But how to choose the right one?? I’ve made you a chart to help with

  • Previously on Comics: NYCC and More

    Previously on Comics: NYCC and More0

    • October 10, 2016

    There are the kinds of comic cons I grew up with where cool stars from your favorite childhood sci-fi series showed up to let you pay for their autographed headshots, and most of the reason you went was to show off your cosplay and buy the discount floppies you’d forgotten to pick up that past

  • Elena Ferrante: Who Has the Right to Privacy?

    Elena Ferrante: Who Has the Right to Privacy?0

    Elena Ferrante is the name on the cover of some of the most powerful novels I’ve had the chance to read. The author has lived in secrecy for many years now, with dozens of guesses about her identity surfacing over time. Now a journalist has “discovered” her true identity and claims to have done it