Author: Al Rosenberg

Why I Love Erotic Fanfic and What I Learned From It

Fanfiction has a historical relationship to erotica and porn Slash: the subset of fanfiction that now encompasses all sorts of queer relationships that originally denoted a sexual relationship between Kirk and Spock through punctuation (K/S) as opposed to other punctuation markers which denoted friendship or non-sexual relationships (K+S). But contemporary mainstream media, thanks to stories like 50 Shades…

COMICS GIVEAWAY: 3 Daredevil Prizes!

It’s that time again, when Netflix comes down on its beautiful streaming steed and leaves us a wonderful gift: new seasons of our favorite shows. Really enjoying the new season of Daredevil, huh? Wishing you knew more about all of the characters? Want to see them in even more action, love triangles, and risky situations?…

Cat Gives Birth RoyalGames

Pregnancy Phone Games: What are They Good For?

There was a time of, if not happiness, then at least contented ignorance before I became aware of birthing and pregnancy games. Then I saw this tweet: Can someone please explain pregnant-women-giving-birth & bathing games to @bennorskov + me? Looking for a friend. — Compost the Rich (@freyadutta) February 28, 2016 Obviously I had…