Day: June 7, 2021

A three panel sequence from New Mutants #18, art by Rod Reis, writing by Vita Ayala, Marvel, 2021. The top panel is Karma and Moonstar in the arena for the Crucible, their word balloons half cut off. The bottom left panel is a close up on Karma's face as she say, "I'm counting on you." Dani responds in the next panel, saying "I won't let you down."

REVIEW: New Mutants #18: On a Precipice

There’s something looming ahead in the distance for the denizens of Krakoa, and it’s not just the Hellfire Gala — the Shadow King’s intentions hang over everything and remain unrevealed. This issue doesn’t bring us any closer to understanding his aims; instead, this issue continues to use the mutants as a metaphor of dysphoria, explicitly…