Previously on Comics: Blasts from the Past

Hello, reader. It’s Kate, who has awoken from winter hibernation just to write about comics for you. And that’s not the only thing that’s a blast from the past this week.

When I first got into DC comics, about 15 years ago, the comic that got me into comics was the Geoff Johns and Mike McKone run on Teen Titans. I was hooked. I started reading The Outsiders, and Green Arrow (written by Judd Winick and too many good artists to name), and JLA Classified by J.M. Dematteis and Keith Giffen. It was all DC, all the time. But other than those classics, the other thing I remember about this time is the “Has DC Done Something Stupid Today” website, because it seemed like it updated every single week.

Well, that site isn’t around in any objective format now (last I checked it’s owned by BC), but every time I opened my Twitter feed this past week, DC had done something stupid. And the person doing the most stupid stuff is none other than Geoff Johns, who has been doing some stupid shit for awhile now, but it’s finally gaining public acknowledgement. I’m not going to link to any of it, because there’s far too much to even summarize, but I hope you all let out an exhausted sigh like I did.

Actual sad news coming from DC this week is the death of Joye Hummel (née Joye Murchison Kelley), who was the first woman to write Wonder Woman. This WaPo obituary is notable, but this Twitter thread is also a tearjerky memorial for a woman who touched so many lives.

So let’s move on. Because clearly DC can’t, and everyone and everything good about that company’s history is dead or dying.


Another throwback/time is a flat circle highlight for this week includes Wiccan/Hulkling won the GLAAD award again. I think. It’s hard to tell with all those names on the tweet. The GLAAD awards were virtual, so here is the Tweet for the Outstanding Comic Book(s)? Which appears to be everything Wiccan/Hulkling related that came out for Empyre. Honestly, Wiccan and Hulkling have been winning GLAAD awards since they debuted (back when Wiccan was Asgardian (yes we made so many ass-guardian jokes), so this one was a layup.

And hey how about this oldie-but-goodie manga news! Last Monday Takao Saito’s manga Golgo 13 tied the Guinness World Record for “most volumes published for a single manga series” with its 200th compiled book, which I guess means that whenever the 201st book comes out, it’ll break it.

And one last thing to end this on a positive note, looking forward, smiling, because comics.

For all the Canadians out there, if you have not heard about Jordan Peterson and Ta-Nehesi Coates making some brilliant satire/parody in his current run on Captain America I highly recommend you enjoy this. I was amused and then my Canadian friend informed me about Jordan Peterson and it’s ten times funnier when you know.

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