Vault Comics Pubwatch: December 2020

Vault Pubwatch banner - image of Aydis from Heathen, art by Jen Bartel

Vault Comics started December off with an all-celebrity reading of the Vampire the Masquerade one-shot, with proceeds going to Patrick Rothfuss’ Worldbuilders charity. The reading was part of a larger campaign to raise $500,000 for Heifer International.

With Christmas around the corner, if you’re looking for gift ideas for your favourite comic book nerd, you’ll probably find some Vault titles on the gift guides and “best of” lists going around.

Coming Soon

Turning towards 2021, Vault has launched a campaign highlighting the creatives who will be on their roster for the new year, including Ram V., Si Spurrier, Anand RK and more.

But before that, on the 23rd, Vault will release The Picture of Everything Else #1, written by Dan Watters, drawn and colored by artist Kishore Mohan, lettered by Aditya Bidikar, and designed by Tim Daniel.

A man paints on a canvas that is held by giant bloody fingers

“As the 20th century dawns, art promises to change the world…and steep it in blood. A rash of impossible killings sweep through Paris, tearing the rich and beautiful apart in their beds. When two art thieves stumble upon the portraits of the victims damaged in the exact same manner they died, it appears the man who once painted the immortal portrait of Dorian Gray has returned—with darker plans for future works. From the minds of Dan Watters (Coffin Bound, Lucifer, Home Sick Pilots) and Kishore Mohan comes a haunting balance of depravity and beauty.”

We’ve also got Witchblood to look forward to next year from writer Matthew Erman, artist Lisa Sterle, and colorist Gab Contreras.

Cover of Witchblood #1

“A modern, Wild West road trip about a witch named Yonna cruising the Southwest as a band of bloodthirsty biker vampires, The Hounds of Love, hunt her scattered coven for the source of all magic: witch blood. From the critically acclaimed creators of The Modern Witch Tarot Deck and Long Lost comes Witchblood, a blend of action, lore, and Americana—perfect for fans of Buffy and American Gods.”

December Highlights

The end of November and start of December brings several titles to the table, with gorgeous covers to go with them. Here are a few highlights from my firsts and faves.

  • In Bleed Them Dry #5, Harper is doing her very best to take matters into her own hands and find dirt on her former partner’s bloody shenanigans. Every time the story feels like it’s heading down those typical cop storylines, it tosses in a twist that usually involves lots of biting and blood.
  • “This is the best part.” I Walk With Monsters #1 doesn’t waste time. Jacey and her monstrous friend David hunt the kind of monsters who prey on innocent children. If you have any doubt about their purpose after the first two pages, well… But there’s lots more to take in after that as Jacey’s past unravels and we get to see just how the relationship between Jacey and David works.
  • Uh oh, Bill’s starting to question the whole process in the Big Wait and even find a bit of empathy for his new partner, the man who murdered his wife. Heavy #3 is all about Bill finally figuring out that maybe he doesn’t have things all figured out.
  • Resonant finally returns with its sixth issue. Pax and his buddies are orchestrating a plan to escape murder island and oh how nailbiting it is to see Pax, a man who can exact such violence, fight with his companions to live up to his name. Meanwhile, the kids are all right. Just kidding, everything is awful and Pax needs to get home real fast! Hurry up with issue #7!

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