Dynamite Comics Pubwatch: January 2020

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Welcome to the Dynamite Comics Pubwatch for the month of January! I’m Lisa, Dynamite is my explosive beat, and here’s this month’s news!

Dynamite Launches Prose Imprint; first book will be a Nancy Collins Vampirella Novel
Cover for Vampirella: Blood Invasion. C Dynamite Comics 2020

Announced in late December, Dynamite has launched a prose imprint for their properties, called Dynamite Books.

The first two volumes for this line, already available at Amazon and other book outlets in print, ebook and audio form, are Vampirella: Blood Invasion, written by Nancy A. Collins and Shaft: The Original Novel, written by Ernest Tidyman.

Vampirella: Blood Invasion‘s plot, via the press release, is as follows: “Vampirella left her planet of Drakulon on a desperate quest to find another source of blood that her people need to survive. After years out of contact, the skies of Earth fill with an armada of ships from her home planet. Thrilled at first to see her people, Vampirella is horrified to learn of General Orlok’s plan for her adopted planet. She must choose between her own kind or to take up arms with her partner Pantha and join a rebel army led by Count Dracula, Evily the Witch and Doctor Frankenstein and his patchwork monstrosities.”

The audiobook version is narrated by Kirstin Wall, with a cover by Jenny Frisson.

The Shaft novel, meanwhile, is a reprint of the original 1970s-published work by Tidyman which inspired the movie series. Will Dixon narrates the audiobook.

In March, Dynamite will release SEAL Team Six: No More. There are further plans to release more Vampirella and Purgatori novels.

Dynamite ultimately plans on releasing one new original novel every month through its Dynamite Books imprint.

Dynamite releases series of Zombie-themed Covers in March

Dynamite Zombie Cover Triptych C 2020 Dynamite Comics

Following its series of Valentine’s Day covers to be released in February 2020,  in March 2020 Dynamite will release a series of zombie-centric cover variants to retailers.

Spanning their Dejah Thoris,  Red Sonja, Death to the Army of Darkness, Red Sonja & Vampirella Meet Betty & Veronica, Red Sonja,  Vampirella and Killing Red Sonja titles, the covers are drawn by Juan Gedeon and colored by Mike Spicer. When placed together, the covers create a single gory portrait of zombie chaos.

The issues will street in March.

Vampirella #6 Artgem Acetate Variant Sells Out; Dynamite Prints Special Blue Foil Variant Version

Vampirella #6 Artgem Variant with blue foil

Dynamite has announced that this variant has sold out at retailer level and will not be reprinted. In an attempt to ease demand, they will be publishing a blue foil variant of the same cover, available to the top 1,000 retailers by annual orders.

Dynamite Announces Killing Red Sonja Series

Ward Cover for Killing Red Sonja #1 C Dynamite Comics 2020

Red Sonja is immortal, right? That’s a premise about to be tested by the adolescent son of Sonja’s enemy, Dragan the Magnificent. Robbed of his birthright, Cyril is willing to do anything to kill her, including using dark magic.

While Killing Red Sonja stands alone, it’s important to give it a read, since the next arc of Sonja’s story will involve the characters introduced here.

The series will be written by Mark Russell and Bryce Ingman, drawn by Craig Rousseau, colored by Dearbhla Kelly and lettered by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, with covers by Christian Ward.

The first issue will street in March.

Big Blast of the Month

James Bond Vol 3. #1

Vita Ayala and Danny Lore (writers), Jim Cheung (cover), Eric Gapstur (art)
December 4th, 2019

The Cover of Ian Flemming's James Bond Vol 3 Number 1 C Dynamite Comics 2020

Unshockingly, Ayala and Lore get everything right about the campy nature and ridiculous adventures which decorate and yet plague the life of everyone’s favorite superspy. From evil terrorists to running from assignations with ambassador’s wives, this issue has it all, and Gapstur’s art brings it all beautifully to life.

And other issues look to bring more of the same. We have a super intense villain, pretty girls for Bond to make out with, and strongly independent female characters.  What more does a reader need?

This is also the most wonderfully diverse Bond adventure we’ve had in a long time.

Bangs and Fizzles

Dejah Thoris, Vol 3, #1

Dan Abnett (writer); Vasco Georgiev (art); Adam Hughes (cover); Joseph Michael Linsner (cover); Lucio Parrillo (cover); Billy Tucci (cover)

December 11, 2019

Lisner Variant for Dejah Thoris #1
Ignore the intensely naked covers for this first edition (or not!); this series focuses on Dejah’s scientist side as she battles to stop Barsoom from falling victim to an environmental crisis. Georgiev’s art stays paramount to the undertaking, with folkloric writing helping the story to new heights.

Xena: Warrior Princess: Road Warrior TP

Vita Ayala (writer); Erica D’Urso (art), Vasco Georgiev (art), David Mack (Cover), Jordi Perez (art), Olympia Sweetman (art)

December 4th, 2019


Cover for Xena: Road Warrior TPG C Dynamite Comics 2020Speaking of Vita Ayala, they broke the bank with this. Xena: Warrior Princes: Road Warrior features Gabby, Discord and Xena traveling from continent to continent in an attempt to get home after Discord displeases her family.  It’s  one of the best comics published in 2019. It’s a must-read and a must-own.

Kiss: Zombies #2

Rodney Buchemi (art), Ethan Sacks (writer), Stuart Sayger (cover), Arthur Suydam (cover)
December 11th, 2019

Photo Cover for Kiss Zombies #2 C Dynamite Comics 2020
The funny, punchy writing continues to elevate this one above the crowd. Adventuresome, a little gory, and a lot interesting, this tale of a bunch of Detroit teenagers defrosting the prophesied band to help with a zombie apocalypse, making the band’s campy fun and a zombie apocalypse mesh perfectly.

Future Fire

Kiss: Zombies #3

Rodney Buchemi (art and cover), Ethan Sacks (writer), Stuart Sayger (cover), Arthur Suydam (cover)

January 15th, 2020

Rodney Buschemi Cover for Kiss Zombies #3 C Dynamite Comics 2020

As the band and the teenagers try to make it back to Detroit Rock City, they visit that all time horror movie locale: an abandoned cabin in the middle of nowhere.


David Avallone (Writer); Scott Chantler (cover); Julius Ohta, Moy R. (art)

January 29th, 2020

Bettie Page Unbound TP Cover; Copyright 2020 Dynamite Comics


I’ve been having a lot of fun with this little series, featuring a universe-jumping adventure in which Bettie jumps from universe to universe, possessing some familiar Dynamite characters in the process.

Red Sonja and Vampirella Meet Betty and Veronica Vol. 1 – Trade Paperback 

Amy Chu (Writer); Fay Dalton (Cover); Maria Sanapo (art)
January 4th, 2020

Red Sonja and Vampirella meet Betty & Veronica #1 Cover A by Fay Dalton. Written by Amy Chu and drawn by Maria Sanapo. Published by Dynamite Comics. May 5, 2019.

This series has been a bloody hoot and a half; it’s so much fun.

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    1. Reading Dynamite books kind of has to come with the “ignore the covers” caveat (though some of the covers are beautifully drawn). I really love the character and need to check out this newest new series.

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